Damn you, Matthew Vaughn

Seriously. I checked out, as many fans did, of the X-Men franchise when X3 came out. I was so angry but most of all, so devastated that I was sure nothing would taint my love for the XMen the same. Lo and behold, Origins: Wolverine came out. And against all the better judgement in the … Continue reading

Hogwarts, why don’t you want me?

I wasn’t going to post anything today until after my meeting with my Director of Photography. Technically I should be working on my script. Which, I promise I’ll get back to after posting this. I was on Page 2 of /Film, which if you don’t know is the section where they post all the side … Continue reading

America gets a Death Note

  I finally get online after such a long day and what do I find? I’m swarmed by the new pictures released of the new Spiderman reboot costume. And as much as that excited me, because you’d best believe I geeked out, this one article caught my attention. /Film reports: Fans of Shane Black get to … Continue reading

And so it begins…

Welcome to the beginning! While I’m severely tempted to google a picture to accompany this post, I think I’ll refrain and actually wait until I have pictures actually worth showing. Today is pretty big. Not only am I starting a blog (again) but  this is also the end of my first week of pre-production for … Continue reading