And so it begins…

Welcome to the beginning!

While I’m severely tempted to google a picture to accompany this post, I think I’ll refrain and actually wait until I have pictures actually worth showing.

Today is pretty big. Not only am I starting a blog (again) but  this is also the end of my first week of pre-production for “Jonah (Pending Title)”.

After having slaved and sweated over my current copy of the script, my professor was able to tear it down and expose it as a lump of flaws in a matter of moments. It was… deflating to say the least. At the same time, the very reason I respect and admire this professor is his ability to strike you down only to have you realize he did it to show you the better path. If that makes any sense at all.

Still, I have a script to rewrite. Which, I don’t care who tells you otherwise, is never fun. Those who proclaim it to be are but liars. Liars, I tell you.

I have hope. I will be meeting with my Director of Photography tomorrow so I hope that we will be able to put our heads together and make something amazing. I have until tomorrow at noon to have a new draft to show him.

Shooting date is March 3rd so I have roughly 6 weeks. Charge!


One Response to “And so it begins…”
  1. moko says:

    this is a pretty little blog that you have here. I hope it will become something bigger than you can imagine. i tried it myself this week for the first fat time and it is harder than i thought, but it already helped me a lot. At least for myself its good^^ I wish you all the best 😉 keep it up!

    MFG moko

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