America gets a Death Note


I finally get online after such a long day and what do I find? I’m swarmed by the new pictures released of the new Spiderman reboot costume. And as much as that excited me, because you’d best believe I geeked out, this one article caught my attention.

/Film reports:

Fans of Shane Black get to be very happy today: the writer/director has just signed with Warner Bros. to direct an adaptation of the manga , thereby increasing the chance that we might see a follow-up to his utterly wonderful Kiss Kiss Bang Bang sometime before the Mayan-predicted apocalypse. But fans of the man as a writer/director have to take a step back: he won’t write the script. He will ‘oversee’ the script (as almost any director will) as it is written by Anthony Bagarozzi and Charles Mondry. Those are the same guys who were/are writing Doc Savage, the film Mr. Black signed to direct for Sony this time last year.

For anyone that does not know what Death Note is I suggest going to the website to find some quick info. Or google, because that’s what I’d do. I can shamefully say that although I have heard of Death Note and even know what it is about and have put it on my list of things to check out (I swear) I have not yet had the chance to sit down and read it. Or watch it.

Such a sin, I know and I feel horrible. Now I definitely have to watch it before this movie comes out or else I am going to be so embarrassed. It is worth nothing that it’s been pretty obvious how a lot of Asian, mostly Oriental, influences have creeped up on not just Hollywood but in many other industries. Much like the British Invasion, are we experiencing an Asian Invasion now?

Hey, I don’t mind. I have often spent many hour watching Korean dramas cinematic television shows. I find it very interesting. Considering Old Boy is now going under the American scalpel it will be interesting to see what else makes its way over to us.

Via: /Film


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