Hogwarts, why don’t you want me?

I wasn’t going to post anything today until after my meeting with my Director of Photography. Technically I should be working on my script. Which, I promise I’ll get back to after posting this.

I was on Page 2 of /Film, which if you don’t know is the section where they post all the side stories that didn’t make it to the front page. And I found this:


break my heart...

How adorable is that? Not only that but how many of us felt that way when we realized Harry Potter wasn’t real? Having grown up reading the novels, there was always that constant annoying feeling in the back of your head that reminded you it was all fantasy.

Though, if you were anything like me you pushed that feeling to the back of your head and continued to whisper spells in the privacy of your room. What do you mean that’s not normal?

Page 2 of /Film is definitely something to check out. Not only is there an amazing mash-up of WALL-E and Good Will Hunting:

But apparently ABC has ordered a reboot of Charlie’s Angels. Say…What!?

Via: /Film


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