Damn you, Matthew Vaughn

Seriously. I checked out, as many fans did, of the X-Men franchise when X3 came out. I was so angry but most of all, so devastated that I was sure nothing would taint my love for the XMen the same.

Lo and behold, Origins: Wolverine came out. And against all the better judgement in the world, I got excited again… I mean Gambit was in this one! But… we all know how that one went. I swore I would never let my heart trust like that again, such was my disappointment at the betrayal.

So, when I heard that there was an “new XMen first class project” film coming out. My immediate reaction was “yeah, cool, whatever.” Then I heard Matthew Vaughn was directing it and it changed to: Well… it might not suck too hard core, but don’t hold your breath.

Then this picture came out:

the assembled cast for Matthew Vaughn‘s X-Men: First Class

And that creeping little flutter of hope sneaking into my heart? It evaporated. Yes, I had known it was going to be set in the 60s and that Havoc was going to be in it (even though he’s Cyclops’s younger bro) and all the other controversial news. And yes, they were enough to keep me skeptical. But, the talent is so promising, surely they aren’t all bent in the head to accept a lame project, right? Right?

But, oh… that picture. What a let down. I was already cursing the heavens and reading my old issues to comfort myself when this bit of news hit the net:

Remember that X-Men: First Class cast photo that leaked online yesterday that you hated? Director Matthew Vaughn hated it too…And to make up for it he gave us two much more inspiring images of the main characters in his upcoming superhero film.

via: /Film

So, not only does he also hate the badly photoshopped image. He gave an interview and answered a couple of questions. And it was nice to hear what he had to say. But he goes and says something like this:

“I’m a fan of X-Men. We’re not bastardizing X-Men, I’m trying to get them back to being whole again.”

And that? That kills me. Because goddamn it, that’s how I feel. I feel it’s been bastardized and needs to be brought back to life. So why the hell would you go and say something like that, Vaughn? Why would you go and give my shriveled up bitter heart a sip of water? Damn it all, I’m excited again. But it really seems like he respects XMen, and has it in his heart to understand them.

“…if you watch [the other x-men movies] there isn’t as much action as you’d think. I think X-men 3 had the most action. But X1 and X2 had cool set pieces. But for me, I think it’s boring watching CG and big explosions. I’m sorta over that. I’d say it’s got more character-driven action than action for the sake of action.”

So what the hell is my heart supposed to do except soar with hope? I hate setting my self up for disappointment. But here we go again. Please don’t let me down…

Here are the pictures officially released by Fox: Magneto and Xavier. Make sure to check out /Film for the full interview.

And in other news… Anne Hathaway is Catwoman in Dark Knight Rises? Say what? I can’t even talk about this right now.

Hathaway is Catwoman, and Hardy is Bane

Via: CBM


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